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From Japan. To Italy. To You

        De Nîmes - From Nîmes

The origin of denim in today's form is is largely debated. From the dungaree produced in India for hundreds of years, to the invention of the riveted denim jeans by Strauss Co in 1871. The term Denim however derives from "de Nîmes" or “from Nîmes” - where some of the first Denim trousers were produced. Today, Japan is the breeding ground of some of the greatest denim in the world. And that’s where our journey begins.

        The Raw Denim Jean

1250 SEK / 115 EUR / 145 USD

A monumental garment and the cornerstone of timeless style, no wardrobe is complete without it. The Raw Denim Jean has been engineered - from the first thread, to the last button - to shape after your body, fade with wear and mold according to your everyday life.


        The Care Guide

20 customers beta-tested the raw denim from April 2018 until its launch in January 2019, allowing us to study exactly how our denim jeans would behave depending on wear and tear. As a result, we’ve produced an extensive guide to how to treat your denim.

To the care guide

        Explore The DEnim journey, factory by factory