The Outerwear Factory

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam EST 2016

Employees 550 people
Average salary: 230 USD/m
Work hours: 8h
Products: The Zip Vest, The Zip Jacket
Last visit: Not yet visited

Our outerwear factory was built between 2014 and 2016 with the absolute highest standards in mind. It was designed and engineered from the ground up with the most advanced environmental standards, contributing to it's international platinum status with both a LEED (USA) and LOTUS (Vietnam) certification. The factory features some of the most advanced technical machinery from Germany, Italy and Japan, to achieve the highest quality cutting and sewing at the lowest possible resource consumption.

Apart from high-tech low-impact manufacturing, the facility boasts a roof top equipped with solar panels, resulting in 30% of energy coming from renewables and a green garden that provides both insulation as well as a small scale agriculture production with recycled grey water irrigation from bathrooms and washing areas. Further more the facility invests not only in the product but equally in the people, providing transfer services, washing and shower rooms for workers commuting on bike and ergonomic seating and lighting throughout the whole facility.

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