Full Traceability

Watch the 2018 launch film

In May 2018, we set out on an ambitious journey to break down every garment into its raw components, trace them back to their origin and put that information into the labels of each piece of clothing by the end of 2019. The modern garment supply chain is immensely complex and conventional “Made In” labels offer a dangerously simplified truth. Now, we’re tracing every step of our garments’ creation, so that both we at ASKET, and you as an individual, can make informed decisions about the clothing we choose to invest in - and by extension, the type of business we choose to endorse. Where there’s no information, lets start asking. For every question we raise and every truth we uncover, we’re increasing our consciousness, nudging not only ourselves, but this industry as a whole, to gradually start considering what it actually takes to create the garments we wear everyday.

Follow along as we trace our entire collection, from farm to finished garment.