The ASKET Men's Essentials
The ASKET Men's Essentials

Three Pieces, Boundless Versatility

Our clothes strive for boundless potential, made to defy time as effortlessly as to serve the wearer no matter what life brings. They are made with a purpose — to fulfil as many purposes as possible. Our permanent collection exists as a foundation. It’s made to help you leverage the clothing you own and remain aware of the pieces you need - or don't. It is made to guide you in doing more with less.

For this occasion, we picked three of our foundational essentials and showcase just a few of the many ways they can be worn and combined. Feel free to scroll.

The Raw Denim Jeans

Denim’s impact is unprecedented. It has as much behind it, historically, as it has ahead of it, sartorially. We have not seen its limits yet or which direction it will take. All we can say with certainty is that Denim Jeans are here to stay. They have cemented themselves as a true essential of the wardrobe and they can pretty much be worn with whatever its wearer has in mind. Just have a look below.


The T-shirt

When speaking of essentials, the T-Shirt is one of the first to come to mind. Well, our minds at least. It holds a special place in our hearts; it’s the first garment we ever released, making it more of a quintessential rather than an essential. Our iteration is meant to be an amalgamation of all the better elements of the T-Shirts we had tried before, while omitting the excess. And we arrived at something truly wearable everyday, ready to be pulled on and pulled off with equal effortlessness, no matter the person or occasion and to do so for years.


The Sweatshirt

The sheer effort that goes into creating every single one of our garments is hard to verbalize. We could go for the usual, “they are made from 100% custom-developed, 100% long staple-length, dense 380g/sqm cotton”. To which you may frown, scratch your head, perhaps stagger, or even feel a bit dizzy in the attempt to make sense of the many words and percentages. We get it. Let's just allow The Sweatshirt to do the talking from here on. We’d advise you to let everything flow through you. Don’t resist it!


One grid to rule them all

Our permanent collection is intended to support life with a capsule wardrobe. We've created a grid system - a tool to help you visualize what you own, make accurate judgments about what you need or don’t, and — perhaps most importantly — use your creativity to the utmost, to make as many outfits with as few garments as possible. In the pursuit of less.

Get to the grid