Care Guides

How to store clothes to make them last longer


It may sound strange but a lot of the wear and tear of garments can actually occur while you’re not even wearing them. It’s well worth paying some extra attention as a few easy rules will make your garments last much longer.


Going somewhere? Depending on who you are, packing can be either a real hassle, or the joy of starting your journey. At ASKET we (obviously) recommend packing light. Create a considered mini-wardrobe with easy to combine essentials you know you'll wear. Let's be honest, most of us overpack, just ask yourself: Will I really wear this? Apart from carrying unnecessary weight, stuffing your clothes into your luggage causes extra creasing and wrinkling. Apart from reducing your travel wardrobe, we recommend folding sensitive clothing in piles and putting them into separate bags. Tote bags are optimal and might come in handy carrying your essentials around once you arrive at your destination. Knitted garments that wont wrinkle can be rolled to save space and optimize your luggage.


Unwilling or impossible to fit all your clothing in your wardrobe? Consider vacuum packing your seasonal garments before storing away in the attic or basement. Throw in some cedar balls against moths and vacuum pack to reduce space and avoid garments bouncing around.


You can hang rigid fabrics, like shirts and pants, on hangers as it will help them stay wrinkle free. Go for nice and thick hangers and stay away from wire hangers as they can leave permanent pucker marks on the shoulders. The same goes for wall hangers or door hooks - avoid them and never hang your garments at the neckline or collar as it may leave marks. Especially avoid hanging garment by the neck label - it’ll leave marks and eventually loosen the label.


Fabrics that easily stretch should not be hanging but rather be folded and stacked in your wardrobe, but avoid overstacking as the garments will wrinkle. This goes for t-shirts, sweatshirts and especially knitted sweaters. And if you do catch one hanging - never pull the hanger through the neckline - remove it from the inside out of the bottom of the garment.


Since natural materials, especially wool, attract moths which can create holes in your garments you need to make sure that the products you are storing are dry and clean. To further prevent moths you can for instance store your clothing along with some cedar wood or any other moth-preventing material.