The Supima® Cotton Farm

California, USA EST. 1954

Employees: 300 family farms
Average salary: Not available
Work hours: Year-round operation
Products: The Poplin Shirt
Last visit: Not visited yet

SUPIMA® cotton is considered to be the world’s finest cotton fiber. It is a rare variety making up a mere 1% of the total amount of cotton grown worldwide, and it’s exclusively farmed in deserted climates such as in California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. What makes SUPIMA® cotton unique is the staple length — it’s extra long. It offers a highly desirable combination of strength, softness, fineness, and durability. The staple length enables our Poplin Mill to spin and weave one of the finest poplin fabrics available on the market.

SUPIMA® excels not only because of its premium properties, but also because of the ethical farming practices its farmers pursue and the state-of-the-art technology they use. All our SUPIMA® cotton is GOTS certified organically farmed. This means that pesticides and insecticides are banned for use in the farming process. It also means that the exposure to toxins among workers is eliminated. What’s more, the soil and freshwater sources near the farms are much more likely to thrive.

Growing SUPIMA® is an intricate process. Moisture levels in the soil and plants need to be continuously monitored, which is done using high-resolution satellite imagery. Based on this information, they are able to adapt their irrigation schedules and pre-plot the routes of their GPS-automated tractors to reduce emissions and the amount of energy used.


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