Worn Stories Pt. 2

The Denim Shirt

Batch: Wear Tester Samples, produced May 2018

This Denim Shirt is 5 years old and has accumulated over 100 plus wears as well as plenty of washes, yet continues to look box fresh. Core to the shirts durability is the fabric; a dense 240g/sqm, 8.5 ounce indigo denim that has been produced by the same factory since its introduction into the permanent collection back in 2018. The custom fabric which falls between true and chambray denim and has a durability and color fastness that allows the garment to hold its form. This gives the owner confidence that they will have the piece for another 10 years, during which time it will continue to patinate and arguably get even better over time. Later this year the denim shirt will receive an update, as we switch our the conventional cotton for organic - all while maintaining the quality and feel of the long standing fabric.

Notable features

True to form. No repairs. Slight fading on the bottom seams from tucking into trousers. Minor fading from washing.

Owner: Jakob Sazon Dworsky
Age: 36
From: Kalmar
Work: Co-founder at ASKET

As one of two co-founders of ASKET, wear testing new garments is part of the job. Almost two years ahead of a garment's launch, the product team will start testing new fabrics as well as designs and fits. As part of the garments development process, Jakob will put the fabrics and garments through their paces by wearing them at least 3 days a week. Once the trail is complete, the garments are handed back for analysis and filing, so their nature in Jakob’s wardrobe is transient. The Denim shirt in Stone Wash however has become a mainstain in Jakob’s wardrobe - and could be considered ASKET longest standing wearer trial.

Our lifecycle responsibility

Garments transcend their role as mere articles of clothing. They embody a commitment, from the initial investment in finding them, to the ongoing care during wear, and the eventual repairs that might be needed. Over time, they become repositories of their own stories. To extend the lifetime of your garments visit our Care Guides or send any unwanted ASKET garments back via our Revival Program. The revived garments are then made available in The Restore in Stockholm, along with samples and defective garments.

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