A Denim Tale - ASKET
A Denim Tale - ASKET

A Denim Tale

The garage doors roll up, rattling and creaking. As the dust settles, the space unveils. Cluttered, crammed with objects. We're inside a designer's storage room.

In the end, we only have a few objects in our lives that survives as we age. Some become obsolete. Some break. But most, and far too many, are just shit from the beginning.

The objects, that stay with us, actually age with us, are likely not the most expressive ones. You might very rarely get compliments for them specifically. But they are everyday warriors that carry you, putting the spotlight elsewhere. Yourself, if you like. Or just something else.

Denim, it seems, has that power. It transcends space and time. Wear after wear Denim just feels better, it lends confidence. In those jeans, you look just pretty damn good.

Florand wear The Denim Shirt in Stone Wash & The Washed Denim Jeans in Stone Wash

Florand wears The Black Denim Jeans in Grey Wash & The Long Sleeve Pique Polo in Grey Melange

Florand wears The Oxford Shirt in Blue

Florand wears The Black Denim Jeans in Grey Wash

Photography Rickard Aronsson
Styling Natalie Olenheim
Hair/Make Up Amanda Dahl
Set Design Johan Lefévre
Model Florand Kaufeldt
Assistant Photographer Elin Frodin