Invest in a better wardrobe

Exclusively For Students

We started ASKET as students and know budgets can be tight. That shouldn't stop you from making better choices. At ASKET we’re building a single permanent collection of timeless wardrobe essentials. Better made garments - from farm to finish line - that last longer. Good for our planet, good for our factories, good for your wallet.

Our garments are priced according to the true cost of their creation, accounting for fair wages, clean factories and the finest degree of craftsmanship. So with our permanent collection, we never have sales or give discounts. Our student offer is the exception to this rule. We know student budgets are tight - and we want to help you build a better wardrobe now.

How it works

  1. Sign up with your email via the banner at the bottom
  2. Receive the confirmation email with your unique code
  3. Add the code to the “gift card” field in the checkout for 10% off


  • You’re a student
  • You’re a StudentBeans member
  • Your code is unique and cannot be shared

Need help? Get in touch with our customer experience team via [email protected] or the chat window at the bottom right corner.

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