Organic Cotton

What Is Organic cotton?

Organic cotton is essentially a chemical free cotton, as it is grown without the use of insecticides and pesticides. That’s great news for farmers and the planet, as it eliminates workers' exposure to toxins and is better for soil health, helping to preserve soil fertility, as well as not harming rivers or freshwater sources near the farms.

We’re committed to producing all our cotton garments from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. It’s a project that started in 2020 and today we’re producing 93% of our cotton garments in organic cotton, with the aim of fully transitioning our remaining 2 products (the Denim Shirt and the Lightweight T-Shirt) by the end of 2023.

That said organic cotton doesn’t come without its flaws, while it eliminates toxic chemicals, making it a vast improvement on its conventional sibling, cotton is one of the most-used fibers in the fashion industry. As such it demands large areas of arable land as well as huge quantities of water, in often drought-prone areas. Some research indicates that organic cotton may even be thirstier than conventional cotton. It’s the reduced impact on farmers’ health, biodiversity and land degradation that continues to motivate our transition but we always look for new ways in which we can reduce our impact.

Another benefit of cotton is that it’s a natural fiber that degrades naturally, as opposed to man made fibers like polyester. However the chemicals used for dying the garments may still be harmful, this makes working with the right factories and dying houses important. The majority of our cotton yarns and fabrics are OEKOTEX Standard 100 certified.

A garment is only as good as the fiber it’s built on. So in working with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton we can rest-assured that our garments are not only made to last but that they are made of textiles from organically grown fibres and that the farms are working with environmentally and socially responsible practices. That is not to say our garments are GOTS approved products, which have had their entire supply chain verified by the governing body. Instead we work and vet our supplier carefully to ensure they uphold the highest standards in terms of production and care. This approach has allowed us to build a supply chain from the ground-up, while at the same time operating with the best possible practices.