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How to remove red wine stains on your clothing

Red Wine Stains

Nothing can ruin a good party like spilling a glass of red wine on your favorite shirt. You will have to stop whatever you’re doing to deal with it for a second but other than that there’s no reason to let it ruin your evening.

There are a lot of home remedies to get rid of red wine stains. We tried them out and picked the one that worked for us.

Step 1
Immediately soak up as much of the excess wine as possible with a towel or a cloth. Don’t rub the stain, only press the cloth against the spot and let it absorb the wine.

Step 2
Pour salt on the stain and press on top of the salt. The salt will absorb the wine and help to lift the stain. After a while, brush the salt away and if the stain is still very strong, saturate the stain with cold water and repeat the salt-process.

Step 3
If the stain is really stubborn, soak the stain and carefully treat it with a mild bleaching agent. For colored garments, make sure to use color safe, non-chlorine bleach and check their colorfastness to bleach first. And whatever you do, don’t bleach wool products.

Step 4
Once it is time to wash it, preferably as soon as possible after you get the stain, treat the spot with a stain remover and laundry the garment as normal*. For colored garments, make sure to use color-safe, non-chlorine/bleach-free stain remover.

For old wine stains
If you are lucky, you can still get rid of old, grown in wine stains. Just give it some time. Start by rubbing liquid detergent on the stain. Soak the garment in cold water for one hour before applying a stain remover and wash the piece on a normal cycle.

* For ASKET garments, find more detailed wash instructions here.