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How to fix a broken seam - step by step guide

When to take your clothing to the tailor

The seams of ASKET garments are sewn with strong polyester thread so that holes in them would be avoided as much as possible. But sometimes when a seam is stretched out or pressured too much you can get a rip or a hole in it. Luckily these broken seams are often easily fixed and we will show you how.

Step 1

Thread the needle, double-fold the thread and make a knot tying both of the ends together. Turn the garment inside out.

Step 2

If there are loose threads around the hole, tie the threads off to prevent the hole from getting bigger. At each end of the hole, you should have two threads that you can tie together. Make a double knot in each end.

Step 3

If needed, use pins or masking tape to hold the hole together while you sew.

Step 4

Start sewing in small stitches by inserting the sewing needle where the seam is still closed, 1 cm from where the seam has started to unravel. Start sewing above the existing seam that is still closed and toward the hole.

Step 5

Sew a few stitches diagonally down so that you sew down to just below the original seam. When you get to the hole, lay both sides of the seam together and sew in a straight line just below the old seam’s needle holes.

Step 6

Sew below the old needle holes to ensure that these needle holes do not show while you’re wearing the garment. Continue sewing all the way to the other side of the broken seam hole, using the old needle holes as a guide for a straight line.

Step 7

When you have sewn pass the original hole, sew a few stitches diagonally upward to sew back above the original seam (like the way you started).

Step 8

Tie off the thread as close to the fabric as possible and cut off the thread 0,5cm from the knot. Step 9 If you want to and the care label allows it, you can finish the new seam by ironing it. Ironing the new seam can help to conceal small mistakes in the stitching.

What you need in your repair kit

  • Sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins or masking tape
  • An iron

Get spare parts

In case you need any extra parts to complete your repair we have everything you need in stock. From buttons and thread to zippers and fabric patches (see the entire list here). Just send us an e-mail to outlining what parts you need and where you’d like them sent and we’ll arrange it for you.