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The Trade-In Program

        Give Your Garments A Second Life

Send us your used ASKET gear and in return we’ll send you an ASKET Gift Card and make sure that your unused gear comes to the best possible use.

We’re committed to making clothes that stand the test of time, in terms of both quality and design. And when you’re done with them, we take them back to be repaired, renewed, resold or recycled - keeping them in use and out of landfill. Because helping our garments reach their maximum number of uses is the single most effective way to curbing their impact, making the most out of the precious work and resources that has been put into them.

        What's the deal?

        How does it work?

You can send back any garment, in any condition, all we ask is that you wash it first. Simply register your trade in request via the link below. We’ll send you a prepaid shipping label within 24 hours that you can use to send it back to us, or you can hand it in at our Office in Stockholm (Dalagatan 27). Once we’ve received your parcel we’ll send your ASKET Gift Card by e-mail, which you can use to invest in new garments at asket.com. We’ll repair, renew and resell what we can, and upcycle, downcycle or recycle what we can’t.

Trade in your gear


Because the best thing we can do for the planet is to make sure that all garments that are already out there come to good use. If you no longer need or want your old garments we can make sure they get into the hands of someone who does. Keeping clothes in use just nine extra months can reduce their footprint by 20-30 % (WRAP 2012). Every garment you trade in is a step towards a better consumption pattern and a future without waste.


As a first step in taking a greater responsibility of the full garment lifecycle we’ve currently only invited selected customers to trial our trade-in program. The trial is only open for customers in Sweden and Germany. It’s a limited time trial and we only accept trade in requests until Wednesday August 19th. Don’t have any garments to return just yet? Don’t worry, if all goes well we’ll roll this out as a permanent feature in the future.