The Trouser Sewing Factory

Varzea, Portugal Est. 2012

Employees 10 people
Average salary: 800 EUR/m
Work hours: 8h
Products: The Chino, The Shorts
Last visit: May 2022

The pant factory is run by two brothers who were synonymous with Portuguese expert trouser tailoring for decades. But around 2008, just as they had invested in facilities and machines to grow, the financial crisis hit and large brands started pulling out to produce in lower labor cost countries. The factory was forced to sudden insolvency. But to preserve their knowledge and skill, local textile individuals came together to the rescue, salvaging equipment and acquiring a small lot 30 minutes north of Porto for the brothers to slowly rebuild their business. By entrusting them with our trousers, we're setting out on a joint path to rebuild and grow together.

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