The Summer Essentials

An Outfit For Every Summer Weather

Dressing for summer, we’ve put together our favourite outfits, for every weather, from our permanent collection. These pieces will get your through summer in style and comfort. Plus, mom says hi: she left some summer garment care tips at the bottom of the page.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst

We don’t want it. We mostly don’t pack for it, but let’s face it: When a summer day goes wrong, why make it worse by freezing? In unreliable weather, we'd go for a warm layer like The Zip Jacket over a summer ready outfit, the best of both worlds. Pair it with the T-Shirt in White and our crisp olive Shorts from 100% organic cotton.

Knitwear in summer?

Yep, no jokes. The knit structure of the cotton sweater is extremely light and breathable. Plus, if you've ever seen a grown up Italian man in summer, you'll know it looks badass wearing long sleeved knits in the height of summer. Wear the Cotton Sweater directly on your skin, paired with shorts or beige Chinos. If you're prone to getting chilly, try it with the ultra-soft Lightweight T-Shirt underneath.

Dress sharp, stay cool

Keep it cool, both style and temperature wise, by pairing The Linen Shirt with The Shorts. Linen is lightweight, fluid and breathable which makes it perfect to stay fresh during high temperatures. Our shorts made from 100% organic cotton that’s as crisp as it’s clean. Underneath? The Dark Navy Boxers of course. They do fairly well as in-case-of-emergency swimshorts too.

Quit complaining, embrace the heat

It's almost too damn warm, but luckily the geometric structure in the knit of The Pique Polo is designed to increase breathability, that and its high sartorial value make it a heat-ready outfit that looks as good as it is comfortable. Pair it with *yawn* the shorts again. Yes, you might as well sleep in the shorts too.

Summer Care Tips! best regards, mom

  • Stay dry: Wet clothing fades quicker when exposed to friction
  • Stay clean: Don't put on your favorite tee right after covering yourself in sunscreen, it creates ugly stains. Shower first!
  • Stay in the shade: Put your clothing in a bag or under a towel before jumping in the water. Don't leave dark clothing to bleach in the sun!
Read the whole care guide

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