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        The T-Shirt Fabric Mill

        Adáufe, Portugal
EST. 1979

Employees: 14 people
Average salary: 800 EUR/M
Work hours: 8 hours/ 3 shifts
Products: The T-Shirt
Last visit: September 2019

Dominguse, a local with heritage in the textile world, established this facility 30 years ago. Nowadays he runs the company alongside his family specialising in high-end jersey developments. This incredibly precise process relies on several well-calibrated knitting machines. A single machine has 2,850 needles and is able to knit 300kg (or 1km) of fabric in a span of 24 hours, which roughly translates to enough fabric for 1,500 T-Shirts. From here on the raw, knitted fabric heads to the dyeing house.