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        The Pique Polo Cotton Farm

        Damietta, Egypt
EST. 2015

Employees: 20 farms
Average salary: n/a Self-Regulated
Work hours: n/a Self-Regulated
Products: The Pique Polo
Last visit: September 2018

Organic Egyptian Cotton is a highly precious and rare resource, its plantation sites are protected by the military. During our visit to this location we had a convoy follow us on our way to the fields. This is not a single source but a network of 20 farmers running their own operations with the support of our Italian supplier. Since 2015, their collaboration not only ensures the resources for organic crops but also guarantees that it will be sold, with a focus on responsible farming and high quality.

This facility is GOTS certified and part of our 100% traceable Pique supply chain. Head all the way down to explore the other facilities.