Chloé Kian's Pursuit of Less

Chloé Kian's Pursuit Of Less

In our strive to declutter our lives from excess, and focus on fewer but better things we turned to minimalist Chloé Kian for inspiration - a Swiss influencer who focuses on slow fashion and conscious living. Head down for a short interview on how her 3-week backpacking trip changed her perspective on consumption and personal possessions forever.

The Mock Neck Sweater - ASKET

“I take my time, I never rush a purchase. I will research until I find what I was really looking for.”

The Merino Turtleneck and The Standard Jeans - ASKET

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and why you decided to create a smaller, but better wardrobe?

I grew up with a full wardrobe of (mostly unworn) clothing until the day I went on a 3 weeks trip with nothing but a 5L (!!!) trail backpack. This is the experience that really opened up my mind about personal belongings and how much mental space our possessions actually take. Alongside with my passion for supporting smaller, more sustainable and ethical companies, it makes just sense to me to consume less and own less, but better. Having a minimal closet full of pieces that not only I love but also get a lot of use out of. Making sure I own items that fit my personal needs, values and lifestyle.

The Mock Neck Sweater and The Standard Jeans - ASKET

What do you look for when buying something new (or used) to add to your wardrobe?

I take my time, I never rush a purchase. I will research until I find what I was really looking for. I don’t compromise because I want to keep and wear the new piece for multiple seasons. I look for a piece that will be easily styled with the rest of my wardrobe. Something timeless, made out of a natural and high-quality material that is sustainably sourced, a piece produced in ethical conditions. It’s also important that the sizing fits well, the shape matches my body type and the look I am going for.

“Take it slow, be patient, it takes time but it’s a beautiful and rewarding process.”

The T-shirt and The Standard Jeans - ASKET

What color palette do you gravitate to and why?

A lot of light natural colors like white, cream, taupe and beige. Those make me feel light and clean, although I’m terribly clumsy and always manage to stain myself. As for darks, I wear a lot of navy and some charcoal which blend nicely and less intense than full black which I mostly only wear on evenings. And then I love a pop of color, a faded green, a pale pink, a dark pine or lighter blue.

The Shirt - ASKET

What tips would you give to someone who wants to get started on building their own smaller, but better wardrobe?

Know your style, know what you feel good in and know your lifestyle needs in terms of outfits. Know your values and priorities. Take it slow, be patient, it takes time but it’s a beautiful and rewarding process. Invest in pieces you really love and see yourself wearing on the daily. Invest in small sustainable companies or offer a new life to a vintage or pre-loved piece.

The Standard Jeans and Crewneck T-shirt - ASKET

What are your 3 go-to essentials?

A good pair of denim, a white crewneck t-shirt and a cashmere knit.

For more inspiration make sure to check out Chloé’s Instagram account as well as her blog

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