Repair Guides

Tailoring repairs and alterations

When to take your clothing to the tailor

Sometimes it's just easier and wiser to go to a professional when it comes to alterations and repairments of garments. We do recommend that you repair easier things yourself - and it's never too late to learn, especially with our repair videos and step-by-step guides - but when it comes to more tricky stuff like changing a zipper or shortening sleeves, we recommend going to a professional tailor. The professional knows what she or he is doing and will most likely do a better job than a layman. At the same time you are supporting the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and such professions in your town.

We recommend that you look around a little bit in your town, search online or ask your friends and family about a well-recommended tailor that does a good job and takes a fair price for the alteration or repairment of a specific type of garment.

Repairs that a tailor can help you with


  • Hemming of pants
  • Tapering
  • Shortening sleeves
  • Shortening body length length
  • Trousers with seam allowance at hems (our chinos) can be extended


  • Zippers
  • Seams
  • Holes
  • Buttons
  • Patchwork

Get spare parts

In case you need any extra parts to complete your repair we have everything you need in stock. From buttons and thread to zippers and fabric patches (see the entire list here). Just send us an e-mail to outlining what parts you need and where you’d like them sent and we’ll arrange it for you.