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A step by step guide for fixing holes in your clothes

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Tiny holes in your favorite t-shirt, most commonly situated front-center and right above the waist line, can be quite the bummer. Often they’re caused by abrasion, repeatedly rubbing against the edge of your trousers, buttons and belts. The thicker the fabric or the higher the quality the more resistant it will be but depending on the extent of the wear and tear it can happen even to the finest of t-shirts. If the holes are situated in other places, it may have been snagged in the laundry or worst case you may have a moth issue.

No matter what caused the hole there are several ways to remedy this issue but in our experience the best is to fix it using fusing paper (as outlined below) rather than stitching the hole shut as it leaves less of a mark.

Step 1

Cut out two small pieces of fusing paper, slightly bigger than the hole, one bigger than the other..

Step 2

Iron on top of the hole to make all fibers stay in place. Turn the garment inside out and try to push the hole together with your fingertips to make it as small as possible and turn all fibres towards the back side.

Step 3

Place both pieces of fusing paper on the back side of the hole with the adhesive side against the fabric, the smallest piece should be closest to the garment. Place a cotton cloth on top of the fusing paper and press the iron on the hole for 10 seconds.

Step 4

Turn the garment around and carefully use the fingertips to press the edges of the hole closer to each other. Et voilà - your shirt is as good as new.

What you need in your repair kit

  • Fusing paper
  • Scissors
  • An iron
  • A cotton cloth

Get spare parts

In case you need any extra parts to complete your repair we have everything you need in stock. From buttons and thread to zippers and fabric patches (see the entire list here). Just send us an e-mail to outlining what parts you need and where you’d like them sent and we’ll arrange it for you.