The Merino Wool Combing Facility 2021-22

Trelew, Argentina Est. 1985

Employees 102 people
Average Salary: 1000 USD/m
Work hours: 8h per day
Products: All Merino Wool garments
Last visit: Not visited by ASKET

With the move to Argentinian farms in 2021, we moved our scouring and coming to local facilities in Argentina. Run by our sourcing partner Chargeurs, the combing facilities are equipped with state of the art water treatment facilities that safeguard the clean return of the water taken from the Rio Chubut River, which carries its water from the Andes to the Atlantic ocean. The facilities scour and comb greasy wool to produce merino tops (wool in the stage ready for spinning) of qualities ranging from 17 to 32,5 microns - with our quality in the highest end at 19,5 microns.

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