Fuck Fast fashion slogan with reasons to dislike fast fashion
Fuck Fast fashion slogan with reasons to dislike fast fashion

Fuck Fast Fashion

In the fall of 2019 we decided to paint a 110msq wall on one of Stockholm’s busiest shopping streets to reveal the message: FUCK FAST FASHION. There’s no denying our intention was to spark some controversy with that wall, but we didn’t just mindlessly stick our middle finger up at fast fashion. It's time to speak frankly about the far reaching impacts that fast fashion industry and our resulting consumption habits have on people and planet.

It's estimated that 100-150 billion pieces of clothing are produced every year, consuming precious natural resources and delicate human labor. As a result, the fashion industry contributes to up to 10% of global green house gases. Every year, 60% of clothing produced is discarded - incinerated, landfilled or shipped off to become the problem of developing countries instead. Still, the industry wants us to believe, that we can shop ourselves out of the problem by buying “sustainable”, “green” or “conscious” when it's obvious that the only way to do better is to reduce production, resist over-consumption and opt for fewer, better-made and longer lasting items.

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For making us feel left out, unless we buy in.

For making the price so low, when the true cost is so high.

For giving material satisfaction, at the expense of human compassion.

For exploiting impulse, when what we need is insight.

For luring us into wanting more, when we’d be better off with less.

For degrading garments to disposables, when they are so valuable.