The Store, Norrmalmstorg 1

Come and browse our permanent collection at The Store, a place to unwind and contemplate carefully on the new potential additions to your wardrobe. Everything operates in a slow fashion, except the minds of our store staff (of course), who will be at hand to drop the necessary knowledge and assist you in whatever style direction you intend to embark on.

Experience our garments and everything that went into them first-hand — from the fiber to the finished garment and the whole story in-between. Our store is located at Norrmalmstorg 1, Stockholm, where we offer the majority of our collection, including the occasional sneak peek into what's coming soon. If you are looking for a specific garment, please do consider calling us beforehand. If you are in the store and something you desire is not in stock, we will be at hand to help you with the ordering process and ship them to your home, at no additional cost.

Additionally, the store is able to provide personal fitting sessions. This will give you the opportunity to build your size profile, get a better understanding of the ASKET permanent collection and explore the whole collection together with one of our store team.


Monday-Friday: 11.00-19.00
Saturdays: 11.00-18-00
Sundays: 12.00-16.00

Holiday opening hours may vary, check
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In-store purchases and home delivery
Size & style consultancy
Personal fitting session
Gift Card purchases and redemption
Free repairs on any ASKET garments
Alterations (at cost) of any ASKET garments
Online returns and Revival drop off