For The Love Of The Fiber

Zero Compromise Garments start with great materials

At ASKET our responsibility starts with thoughtful design and goes all the way through manufacturing and marketing, to how we help you make the most of your clothing after you’ve bought it. Our choice of material is central in minimizing the manufacturing impact of our clothing, maximizing the durability of each garment, making it easier for you to care for your garment and providing viable end-of-life solutions for your garment when it’s no longer wanted. That makes material choice a complex decision process, so we’ve created an overview of which materials we primarily use and why.

Our Materials

Comparison of commonly used materials

Material Classification

While no material is perfect and there are many trade-offs between fibers, we’ve developed a material choice matrix based on the Made-by Fiber Bible, our own research and industry standards, that helps us evaluate which materials to consider - and which never to consider. The materials are classified from A to E, with A being the most preferred and E the worst, and takes into consideration the environmental impact of the creation of the material. All our wool is either traceable RWS certified or recycled, 80% of our garments are mono material fabrics (not blended) and currently 71% of our cotton garments are organic certified. We’re transitioning the last of our conventional cotton garments to organic cotton as we speak, and stopped producing animal leather in 2019 aiming to have all products made of grade C or higher fibers within 12 months.

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