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Recycled Wool

What Is Recycled Wool?

We think recycled wool is pretty awesome. Recycled wool is repurposed from either pre- (production waste) or post-consumer wool (old garments) that would otherwise end-up in landfill or go to waste. While virgin wool fibers come with a pretty hefty environmental price tag (think; land required to rear the livestock, methane gases as well as water and chemicals in the production process), recycled wool not only extends the lifespan of fabrics already made but is produced at a fraction of the environmental cost.

In 2020, we introduced recycled wool to our permanent collection, by switching our cashmere sweaters to recycled cashmere yarn as well as launching The Wool Coat - made entirely of post-consumer recycled wool. We’ll continue to source recycled wool alternatives where possible, most recently having up-graded our scarves.

We’re working with state-of-the-art woolen mills in Italy that have over a century of experience in producing high-end recycled wool yarns, using a process called mechanical dyeing. This process sees old sweaters and cutoff fabric, sorted by grade and color, before being shredded, spun back into a new yarn, and knitted back together - saving water and skipping the chemicals in the process. The result: clothing with the same luxurious quality of virgin wool at a fraction of the environmental cost.

The GRS certification (short for Global Recycling Standard) ensure that any recycled wool advertised as post-consumer, is really consumer waste and not production waste. That's important, because we want to produce less, consume less and eventually take back what can’t be worn anymore. While it’s important to make use of pre-consumer waste as well, the main approach should be that we shall not produce what people don’t need or want.


The Wool Overshirt

175 EUR
Khaki Green
Charcoal Melange
Dark Navy
3 colors available

The Wool Coat

350 EUR
Dark Navy
Charcoal Melange
2 colors available

The Mock Neck Sweater

110 EUR
Charcoal Melange
2 colors available

The Oversized Cashmere Wool Scarf

90 EUR
Grey Melange
2 colors available

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