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        The Jersey & Fleece Factory 2

        Gilmonde, Portugal
EST. 1982

Employees: 120 people
Average salary: 1034 EUR/m
Work hours: 8,5 h
Products: The Pique Polo, The Hoodie, The Zip Hoodie, The T-Shirt (Womens)
Last visit: February 2020

This family-owned business started in a garage, where siblings Ana, David and Miguel learned about the textile world while growing up. After completing studies abroad they both joined their parents in managing the family business. In 1991 they expanded the facility to accomodate a growing work force and to be able to meet their client demands using the latest technology. Their craftspeople enjoy free weekly consultations at the factory with a company-paid physician, paid pre-school fees, free gym with personal training sessions 3 times a week, and an 12500€ annual training fund available to all workers.

At this location, all sampling and product development is conducted, as well as cutting for main productions. Our main factory orchestrates our 100% traceable Pique and Hoodie supply chains. Head all the way down to explore the other facilities.

This factory coordinates the production of our pique, hoodies and womens t-shirt across multiple fabric mills and sewing factories. They carry out the sampling and bulk cutting for all products.