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The Ribbed Cotton Sock

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39/41 EU | 7.5/9 US 42/44 EU | 9.5/11 US 45/47 EU | 11.5/14 US
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Overview +

The perfect look is built from the ground up and our socks are the perfect foundation. Crafted from mercerized organic cotton and ribbed so they hug all the right places. They're reinforced at toe and heel to make sure comfort is combined with durability. The packs of 3 make pairing your socks after laundry easier.

Details +
  • 1x1 ribbed top with a 4x2 ribbed body
  • 80% organic cotton for softness
  • 18% polyamide for durability and 2% elastane for comfort
  • Nylon-reinforced heel and toes against abrasion
Sizing +
  • Mid calf length
  • Available in size: 39-41, 42-44 and 45-47
  • Love's shoe size is 43 and is wearing size 42-44 in Black and Dark Navy
  • Quentin's shoe size is 43 and is wearing size 42-44 in Light Grey and Charcoal Melange
Care +
  • Wash at 40-60°C with similar colors
  • Hang to dry
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach

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Full Transparency

Understanding and appreciating the value of our clothing is fundamental in learning to live with less. The more we know, the better decisions we make, the more we cherish what we have, the longer it’ll last and - as a result - the less we’ll need.

      Landed Cost 6AUD
      Asket Price 25AUD
      Traditional Retail 50AUD
      • Raw Material & Milling 4AUD
      • Manufacturing 2AUD
      • Trims & Packaging 0.5AUD
      • Transport 0.2AUD

      Our pricing is designed to better reflect the craftsmanship and resources that go into the product. With a permanent collection, selling directly to you, we're able to cut wholesale and avoid sales, pricing our essentials right - all year round.

      100% Overall traceability

      Knitted, hand-linked, washed and packed in Brescia, Italy.

      How is this calculated?
      • Raw Material
      • Milling
      • Manufacturing
      • Trims
      • Transport
      • Raw Material
      • Milling
      • Manufacturing
      • Trims
      • Transport

      No-nonsense socks

      Our fine ribbed sock is made from mercerized organic cotton. It's mixed with polyester to achieve a higher durability, and elastane for a more comfortable fit. The cotton is spun with a technology that allows the fibers to be aligned to create a strong and smooth yarn with a lower tendency to pilling and hairiness.

      • Yarn: 80% Organic Cotton 18% Polyamide 2% Elastane
      • Knit: 1x1 Ribbed top, 4x2 Ribbed body
      • Dye: Yarn dye (Melange: Fiber dye)

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