The Oxford Shirt

A classic staple in every wardrobe, the Oxford cloth button-down shirt is as timeless as it is essential. Our shirt features a straight-cut silhouette, soft brushed American Cotton Oxford cloth and custom Mother of Pearl buttons. Whether you pair it with denim or trousers, no wardrobe is complete without one.

100% American cotton

15 Sizes instead of 5

Pay for the craft, not a logo


The Oxford Is Coming Clean

Our all-time bestseller - The T-Shirt - Show its true impact and doesn’t hide behind greenwashing gimmicks. While its CO2 impact is lower than the industry average (2-2,5kg), the proof of the pudding isn’t in its impact. But how long it lasts: A minimum of 183 wears according to a study with 1140 ASKET customers. That’s 6x the milage of an average Swedish T-Shirt (Mistra Future Fashion, RiSE). So for every six average tees you buy, you’ll only need one ASKET Tee.

Explore The Oxford Shirt In Full transparency

5,4 kg

CO2 Equivalent

The total amount of C02 equivalent emissions throughout the production of the t-shirt, from farm to final garment, to your door.

49,9 m3

water consumption

Water consumption of the oxford shirt production, measured relatively to the water scarcity in each production location.

44,1 MJ

energy usage

The combined use of renewable and non-renewable energy to farm, mill, manufacture and transport the oxford shirt to your door.

147 wears

Min. Lifetime

The minimum lifetime of an ASKET Oxford Shirt as established by a 2019 survey of 1140 ASKET customers with Oxford Shirts since 2016.

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The average rating of our Oxford shirts is a whopping 4.7/5. And our customers are picky! The secret? Our garments are co-developed with our customers based on continuous feedback and improvements.

"ASKET makes things simple"


Our Full Traceability explained by Jonathan Evans of Esquire. From the cotton to your door, each step is printed on the shirt’s label.

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Want the deep-dive? Discover the secret of how we perfected our third garment, The Oxford Shirt.

The story of the Oxford Shirt