Send Your Garments Home

Welcome to our self-service revival registration page, open 24/7. Send your garments back to us and receive your revival reward by following the steps below. Make sure to select your country of residence in the bottom left corner (or in the main menu on mobile) to get the accurate information. Sign in with your email adress associated to any past orders to see all your garments available for revival.

Register your garments

Sign in above to find all your ASKET garments and select the products you’d like to submit. You can send back any garment, in any condition. All we ask is that you wash it first. Please note that you need to sign in with the e-mail associated to a previous order.

Send them back to us

Unfortunately we are unable to provide shipping in your country at this time but you can send your garments back to us at:

Fiskargatan 8
116 20, Stockholm

Receive your reward

As soon as we‘ve received your garments you’ll get your revival reward via e-mail. Normally within 5 days from receiving your parcel. The voucher has no expiration date and can be used at whenever you need something new.

Revival Reward Value

Product Category

Reward Value



T-Shirts & Accessories


Shirts & Sweatshirts

15 AUD


20 AUD


30 AUD


40 AUD