The Merino Wool Combing Facility 2020

Zhangjiagang, China Est. 1995

Employees 180 people
Products: The Merino Crew Neck, The Merino Wool Polo, The Merino Roll Neck, The Merino Zip Cardigan, The Rib Wool Beanie, The Plain Wool Beanie
Last visit: Not visited by ASKET

Our Nativa certified wool from The Rothamay and Terara farms is cleaned and combed at our Chinese Combing partner facilities, located in Yangshe Town in Zhangjiagang City. It was first established in 1995 by the Chargeurs group, and has 180 employees.

Responsibility is at the heart of our Combing Facility's operations, not only in terms of the environmental footprint but also ensuring the health and safety of workers. To ensure the most efficient use of the water, the facility invests in their waste water treatment annually, making sure it delivers maximum performance cleaning and water treatment before letting the water back into the ecosystem. The National Chinese Environmental Bureau monitors water quality and output online, 24/7 and all products used on site for washing the wool are biodegradable and in full compliance with the latest standards.

Further, more than a thousand trees have been planted on the surrounding land of approximately 16,000 square meters to bolster biodiversity and offset CO2 emissions.

The Zhangjiagang facility receives the greasy wool, shorn at our farms, and converts it what is referred to as "tops" - the white fluffy, wool cords you can see below. Thereafter, the tops are transported to our spinning facility in Poland, before being dyed in Italy.

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