Real Transparency

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Transparency needs transparency

Since we introduced Full Traceability in 2018, later extending the concept to Full Transparency in 2018 (cost, source, impact), society’s demand for supply chain transparency has exploded. But how are we - as individuals - to judge the trustworthiness of the information we’re being fed from companies?

trust is nice. control is better.

While we pride ourselves in being a trustworthy brand, we realize trust is something you earn. And trust can also be abused. To ascertain our high standards of accountability, we’re therefor opening up for everyone to see, exactly what goes on behind the scenes at ASKET HQ.

our work. your judgement.

Follow our team - as individuals and a collective - from the moment we clock in, to the moment we punch out - as we fight to create a more transparent industry. Is our work moving the needle? Are we living up to our standards of accuracy? Can you trust the information you’re given? You be the judge.

Live Stream Launching April 2nd

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