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The Gift Guide

Meaningful gifts for everyone on your list. Naughty or nice, we don't judge.


Germany: December 16th
Nordics & UK: December 17th (Express)
Rest of EU: December 16th (Express)

        Gifts To Impress


Lets be honest sometimes giving gifts is as much about you than the other person, so why not go for something with a bit of an extra bang. Not only can you impress with your skills for picking the right size (we won’t tell about the size finder), but by telling the story of how the cashmere is mechanically recycled, or where and what the merino sheep graze.


        Gifts For Daily Life


Either for spending time indoors or outdoors, our Sweatshirts are the perfect balance of laidback and dressed up. This year we added The Hoodie and improved The Zip Hoodie, that along with The Sweatshirt, means the hardest part is knowing which one to pick. (And yes, we got you covered with the size finder, so you’ll definitely get the right fit).


        Gifts To Charm Anyone


If there’s one universal sartorial truth in menswear, it’s that everyone needs a great T-shirt. that’s right, underwear is said to be optional in some places. When it comes to tees, just trust us. After all , The T-Shirt is what kickstarted us 6 years ago. We’re talking the classic, but of course you can always explore your options with: The Pique Polo, The Long Sleeve T-Shirt and The Lightweight T-Shirts, there is something for everyone. (And you guessed it, with the size finder you’re just a couple of clicks away from magically getting the right size).

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        Gifts That Are Fool Proof


Maybe you don’t have time, maybe the person receiving the gift can be tricky or maybe you just need a back up in case you forgot to add someone to your list. In any case our super soft merino-cashmere scarf or our sturdy warm knitted beanies will do the trick.


        Gifts So Small Yet Practical


The number of people in your life who appreciate receiving great socks as a gift is directly proportional to the number of grown ups in your life. We don’t make the rules, we’re just reminding you that while this might not make for the biggest present under the tree, they are definitely gonna be highly appreciated. (And if you’re not uncomfortable with the idea, boxers briefs are also a good one).

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The Size Finder
The Size Finder

        Anything else we can do for you?

Need help with your gifts or extra size advice for your loved ones? Try the chat function at the bottom right corner or we’re just an email away and respond 7 days a week. Hit us up at [email protected].