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The T-Shirt

At 180 grams per square meter, our custom developed Egyptian cotton jersey is the foundation of our original T-Shirt, the very first product we developed. The fabric is dense, soft and durable. Equipped with a ribbed neckline, this classic is made to outlast any tee you own. No matter how much love you give it, it won’t twist, warp, fade or shrink.

        100% Egyptian cotton

        15 Sizes instead of 5

        Pay for the craft, not a logo


        The T-Shirt Coming Clean

Our all-time bestseller - The T-Shirt - Show its true impact and doesn’t hide behind greenwashing gimmicks. While its CO2 impact is lower than the industry average (2-2,5kg), the proof of the pudding isn’t in its impact. But how long it lasts: A minimum of 183 wears according to a study with 1140 ASKET customers. That’s 6x the milage of an average Swedish T-Shirt (Mistra Future Fashion, RiSE). So for every six average tees you buy, you’ll only need one ASKET Tee.

Explore The T-Shirt In Full transparency

        1,89 kg

        CO2 Equivalent

The total amount of C02 equivalent emissions throughout the production of the t-shirt, from farm to final garment, to your door.

        35,1 m3

        water consumption

Water consumption of the t-shirt production, measured relatively to the water scarcity in each production location.

        44,1 MJ

        energy usage

The combined use of renewable and non-renewable energy to farm, mill, manufacture and transport the t-shirt to your door.

        183 wears

        Min. Lifetime

The minimum lifetime of an ASKET T-Shirt as established by a 2019 survey of 1140 ASKET customers with T-Shirts since 2016.

        Celebrated  By Customers And The Press


        BASED ON 501 REVIEWS

The average rating of our all our t-shirts is a whopping 4.7/5. And our customers are picky! The secret? Our garments are co-developed with our customers based on continuous feedback and improvements.

        "It's Just Perfect"

        sam wolfson, the guardian

Reviewing a lineup of 7 T-Shirts from various brands - all the way from high-street to high-end, Sam Wolfson of The Guardian crowned The ASKET T-Shirt the winner back in 2017.

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Want the deep-dive? Discover the secret of how we perfected our first garment, The T-Shirt.

The story of the t-shirt