Lifecycle Responsibility Give Garments A Second Chance

Lifecycle Responsibility

To honor the value of each garment we need to think beyond the point of purchase. Caring for, repairing and disposing of every piece in in a responsible manner.

Care. Repair. Revive.

Our philosophy is simple, maximising the use of all garments is the single most efficient way to minimise consumption and ultimately our footprint. We’re committed to making clothes that stand the test of time, but we all need to do our part to ensure that they stay in use and out of landfill. Investing in your garments is not just about buying less and buying better. It’s also about taking proper care of them, repairing them when needed and giving them a second life when you’re done with them. Lifecycle responsibility is about us as a company, and you as a customer, taking steps towards a circular fashion industry.


Even garments designed to last require some tender love and care to live up to their promise. Luckily, proper garment care is not hard and it doesn’t require more time or effort. Simply follow our care guides and learn how to look after your garments in the best and most environmentally friendly way possible.

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Garments should be worn as much and as often as possible. Naturally, they will wear and tear. But always consider repair before replacing it. We’re here to help with detailed repair guides for common issues and any spare parts that you may need. In the unfortunate event of a product defect we will of course take care of the necessary repair.

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Just because you’re done with a garment doesn’t mean that it’s done for. Send them back to us and we’ll make sure that they are repaired, renewed, resold or recycled - keeping them in use and out of landfill. In return you’ll earn a revival reward for every garment you send home. Because not all good thing must come to an end.

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