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        The Dworsky Cat Hair Mill

        Vasastan, Stockholm
EST. 2018

Employees: 2 humans, 2 cats
Cat work hours: 11pm-4am with a short nap in between and particularly hectic between 3.45-4am, mostly sleeps during the day
Products: The Catshmere Catdigan

The Dworsky Mill houses houses Arsène & Sir Alex. Their story starts with our co-founder Jakob and his partner moving into their downtown Stockholm flat in late 2018. Arsène, a scottish fold, joined the family in early 2019, causing serious cat-jealousy at co-founder August's place (hence the other ASKET cat mill). Months after, Sir Alex, a mix breed fluffball, joined to keep Arsène company. After days of rejection, they finally rejoiced in eternal cat brother-from-other-mother-hood (as much as cat can at least). Cometh shedding season, they do it on your clothes. Or your sofa. Your bed.