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        The Bringéus Cat Facility

        Kungsholmen, Stockholm
EST. 2018

Employees: 2 humans, 1 cat
Cat work hours: 11pm-3am, sleeps all day
Products: The Catshmere Catdigan

This facility houses one lil’ kitty cat: Bob. He’s actually really not small. Bob's place came together before his birth when our co-founder August and his partner moved into their flat in early 2018. Bob joined the family in October 2019 as a 12 week old Neva Masquarade (Siberian) cotton ball. He's been raised with generous amounts of cuddle, as a result he’s overly clingy. He’ll even sit next to you when it’s time to vomit on the carpet. Never on the floor, always the carpet. Leave a sweater on the bed. He sits on it. Sheds on it. Et voilà: our raw material is ready.